Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haiqal's visit 2 da dentist.....

My only boy had been complaining bout his tooth 'dah goyang' eversince last week.he even called me when i was @ school last Wednesday&asked me to take him 2 da dentist.since i was quite busy with da sports day preparation,i asked my MIL 2 bring Qal 2 da dentist but he refused 2 go with his opah.

Yesterday nite he complained again bout his tooth.so today rite after school,i rushed back home.i planned 2 bring him 2 da gov dental clinic nearby.i was quite lazy actually to go to da dentist in kuala kangsar because of da weather plus da distance.fyi i've been 2 da gov clinic few mths back for scaling & was so happy with da services.da best thing was i had 2 pay only RM3 compared to RM80 if i go 2 any private clinic...ngee..seb bajet mar;)

When i reached home,Qal was in his room playing with his toys.he refused 2 follow me @ 1st and started giving me excuses.i said 2 him,"kalo haiqal xnak pegi,pas ni jgn bising kt ibu dh ckp sakit gigi.."..hearing that,he quickly put away his toys...;)

We reached @ da clinic almost 3pm.i gave da nurse Qal's birth cert & waited 4 our turn.we're lucky coz there were not many patients.Qal's name was called out 10 mins later.Another nurse attended him.she was nice&soft spoken.she checked Qal's teeth&told me that there're actually two teeth i.e. da right&da left upper lateral incisor need 2 be pulled out.hearing that,Qal's face automatically turned 'ketat'..hehe..i was afraid that he will cry..huhu..

Qal started 2 make that 'ooh..aah' sound when da nurse sprayed da numbing gel on a cotton ball&put it @ his tooth.i was smiling & tried not 2 laugh @ him:LOL:..both teeth were pulled out few minutes later&my boy didn't cry @ all!..fuh..i held his right hand while we're walking out from da room.it was damn cold!..hehe..

p/s:I think Qal needs 2 wear braces~lah.will take him for an appointment once he losses all his baby teeth*wink

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